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Custom made beeswax spell candles: Dressed & Blessed for your goal at the magically correct day and time. Each candle is prepared individually at the time of the order and hand-rolled, so no two candles are exactly alike. These candles are approximately 8" tall and 1.25" wide with an estimated burn time of up to 12 - 18 hours (depending on temperature, drafts, etc.). Nota Bene - We use pure essential oils to draw appropriate sigils onto the prepared beeswax. Then we add a combination of powered herbs and resins that correspond to your purpose. On the magically correct day and time, each candle is carefully hand-rolled and blessed for the specific purpose for which it is being created.

Instructions - It is traditional to burn the candle over the course of 3 days. To help with your timing, put a sewing needle through the 1/3 and 2/3 points of the candle. Each time you light your candle, remember to firmly recite your intention.

Caution - Never leave a burning candle unattended. Burn in a fireproof holder on a fire-resistant surface. Avoid drafts and locations with temperature fluctuations.
Passion Spell Candle
Drawing on passion and sensuality, this powerful aphrodisiac candle can be used to add spice to an existing relationship or draw a new one your way. Helps make you more sensual, lustful and sexually attractive.
Magical Use: Passion.
Candle color: Red.  [DBSC-Passion]
Abundance & Prosperity Spell Candle
Designed to draw abundance and prosperity to all areas of your life.
True abundance is a state of being where all needs are met and good fortune overflows (materially, spiritually, emotionally) into all areas of life. Can be used for needs such as employment, finances, etc.
Magical Use: Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Employment. Candle color: Green or natural (our choice).  [DBSC-Abundance]
Against All Odds Spell Candle
Designed to help you overcome obstacles by pushing aside or breaking through those energies that hinder your success. Used to aid success in all types of material ventures and promote justice and strength.
Magical Use: Success, Justice, Strength.
Candle Color: Yellow.  [DBSC-AAO]
Communication Spell Candle
Dedicated to Hermes, this candle is designed to aid in communication and strengthen influence skills. Good for anyone working with the mind, intellect, or commerce.
Magical Use: Communication.
Candle Color: Blue.  [DBSC-Communication]
Creativity Spell Candle
Dedicated to the Muses, this candle is designed to aid in creativity, crafts, skills, and inspiration. Aids in creativity and intuition. Good for anyone working with the creative process.
Magical Use: Creativity.
Candle Color: Yellow.  [DBSC-Creativity]
Destroy Evil Spell Candle
Designed to eliminate negative spiritual energy and remove malevolent spirit forces. This candle can be used in any stressful encounter or in times when you need a bit more protection. Good for false gossip or slander, stopping bad vibrations from affecting you, and destroying evil in your personal life.
Magical Use: Removes negative obstacles and destroys evil.
Candle color: Red or burgundy (our choice).  [DBSC-DestroyAllEvil]
Fertility Spell Candle
Designed to draw all manner of healthy growth and fertility into your life whether it be pregnancy or healthy growth in any project you desire.
Magical Use: Fertility and Growth.
Candle color: Green or natural (our choice).  [DBSC-Fertility]
Health and Well-Being Spell Candle
Designed to draw health and wellbeing into your life to promote healing of mind, body, and spirit in harmony with Nature.
Magical Use: Health and Healing.
Candle color: Yellow.  [DBSC-HealthWB]
Hex Breaker Spell Candle
Designed to break bindings and hexes. Used for removing and/or reversing negativity energies and breaking their hold.
Magical Use: Hex Breaking. Candle Color: Natural or black (our choice).  [DBSC-HexB]
House Blessing Spell Candle
Designed to bring blessings, peace, balance and harmony into your home. Aids in protection from negative spirits.
Magical use: Brings peace and blessings into a home.
Candle Color: Blue.  [DBSC-HouseB]
Love Spell Candle
Dedicated to the Goddess of Love, this candle is designed to draw love and deepen existing relationships. Good to assist in bringing a lover/mate or deepening the bond already existing.
Magical Use: Love.
Candle Color: Red or pink (our choice).  [DBSC-Love]
Peace & Wisdom Spell Candle
Designed to help you achieve wisdom and peace in decisions and situations as well as aids in clarifying muddled thinking. Additionally, it is a strong protection that draws on the forces of Light and Wisdom.
Magical Use: Peace and Wisdom.
Candle Color: Blue or purple (our choice).  [DBSC-PeaceWis]
Protection Spell Candle
Designed to be a powerful protection to remove and bar negative influences from returning. Great for home protection or personal protection to make sure that negative influences stay away.
Magical Use: Exercises and bars negative energy.
Candle Color: Natural or white (our choice).  [DBSC-Protection]
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