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Witches’ Alchemy Incense is our own line of hand-blended powdered incense (incenso).  

All of our incense is created from our own recipes that are based on traditional forumulas. Each batch is individually crafted and charged for the appropriate magical purpose.

As with all StregaCrafts products, we use only the finest natural ingredients, blended and empowered within a consecrated sacred space, one ingredient at a time. We start with a high quality incense base to which we carefully blend in correct color, herbs, oils, and resigns which we grind ourselves. Sold in clear, 2 oz. jars.

We make our incense in the old way utilizing the correspondences according to the magical planetary clock (the correct phase of the moon, day, and hour).

Uses: Incense is used mundanely to freshen the atmosphere of a room, house, or even an outside area. In religious or spiritual services, incense is used as a sacred offering to the Divine. In western occultism, incense corresponds with the element of Air and represents intellect, creativity, and rising hopes and dreams. Incense should be burned on "incense charcoal" in an appropriate heat resistant container. Once the charcoal is thoroughly burning, just add a pinch or two as desired. Alternately, you can carry some in a sachet (such as for protection or love) and burn it at the end of the day.

Ancient Wisdom Incense
Ancient Wisdom Incense: This recipe is designed to bring "Wisdom to Know" and aids in clarifying muddled thinking. Additionally, it is a strong protection incense that draws on the forces of Light and Wisdom. Many of the ingredients, according to magical lore, aid in promoting telepathic/psychic abilities.
Magical use: Wisdom, Knowledge, Protection, Psychic Abilities  [SCI-AncientW]
Banishing Incense
Banishing Incense: Eliminates negative spiritual energy and removes malevolent spirit forces. Can be used in any stressful encounter or in times when you need a bit more protection, including in mundane situations. Breaks up or disperses negative energy in a room or location.
Magical use: Banishing, Protection, Exorcism.  [SCI-Banish]
Come To Me Love Incense
Come To Me Love Incense: A "drawing incense" specific to bringing love into your life in all of its wondrous forms. If single, this incense can be used to draw your Love to you. If you already have a Love, this incense can help deepen the bond and love that already exists.
Magical use: Love in all forms.  [SCI-ComeLove]
Cornucopia Incense
Cornucopia Incense: (Abundance and Prosperity) Use to draw abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. This incense is based on the idea that true abundance is a state of being where all needs are met and good fortune overflows (materially, spiritually, emotionally) into all areas of life. Can be used for specific spells and needs such as employment, finances, etc.
Magical Use: Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Employment.  [SCI-Cornu]
Crown of Success Incense
Crown of Success Incense: Helps to push aside those energies that hinder your rise upward to success. When you are the subject of gossip or slander, this incense stops bad vibrations from affecting you in any way and stops evil talk.
Magical Use: Overcome obstacles, Success, stop gossip.  [SCI-CrownS]
Drawing Incense
Drawing Incense: A general "drawing incense" that is used to draw any and all of your desires and goals into manifestation.
Magical Use: Draws goals and desires into manifestation.  [SCI-Drawing]
Dream Maker Incense
Beneficial Dream Incense: Burn before bedtime to help manifest positive dreams and banish nightmares. Dream Maker is a powerful incense that brings understanding, banishes nightmares, and aids in clairvoyance. This is a great incense to use for vision quests and rituals involving power animals, totems, and guardian spirits.
Magical use: Manifest positive dreams, banish nightmares, clairvoyance.  [SCI-DreamM]
Faerie Call Incense
Faerie Call Incense: Used to call the Faerie and Nature Spirits as well as for protection against mischievous spirits.
Magical use: To call the Fae.  [SCI-FaerieC]
Fast Luck Incense
Fast Luck Incense: Use with caution as this is a very potent incense! It is formulated to increase your luck in all areas of life. The motto is "don't look a gift horse in the mouth".
Magical use: Change of luck.  [SCI-FastLuck]
Fiery Command Incense
Fiery Command Incense: Use when you need to focus your Will and/or need to give your magick a boost to accomplish your goals. Breaks through obstacles that are in your way.
Magical use: Focused will and breaking through obstacles.  [SCI-FCommand]
Follow Me Boy Incense
Follow Me Boy Incense: A incense to make you more enticing and influential and to lend an air of mystery to your doings. For a woman to attract a man.
Magical use: Love, Lust, and Attraction.  [SCI-FollowB]
Follow Me Girl Incense
Follow Me Girl Incense: A incense to make you more enticing and influential and to lend an air of mystery to your doings. For a man to attract a woman.
Magical use: Love, Lust, and Attraction.  [SCI-FollowG]
Get Thee Behind Me Incense
Get Thee Behind Me Incense: Use when you wish to sever ties or release anything, especially if it is painful. Lets you move on with your life.
Magical use: Cuts ties to things that no longer serve your purpose.  [SCI-BehindMe]
Guardian Angel Incense
Guardian Angel Incense: To call the attention of Angelic beings for aid in magickal work, protection from negative spirits, overcoming hexes, for general good luck, and personal protection.
Magical use: Angelic work and Protection.  [SCI-GAngel]
Healing Incense
Healing Incense: This traditional formula is designed to promote healing of mind, body, and spirit in harmony with Nature.
Magical use: Promotes healing and harmony.  [SCI-Healing]
Holy Circle of Protection Incense
Holy Circle of Protection Incense: A very powerful protection incense used to keep unwanted and negative influences at bay and bar their return. Great for casting a circle, home protection or personal protection to make sure that negative influences stay away.
Magical use: Exercises and bars all negative energy.  [SCI-HolyCoP]
House Blessing Incense
House Blessing Incense: Use to cleanse, purify, and bless a house or home. Also aids in protection from negative spirits.
Magical use: Brings peace and blessings into a home.  [SCI-HouseB]
Jinx Removing Incense
Jinx Removing Incense: Extremely powerful recipe for overcoming the effects of negative energy, etc. Use on a daily basis by carrying some in a sachet then burning the contents at the end of the day.
Magical use: Removes negative energy.  [SCI-JinxR]
Justice Incense
Justice Incense: Use to appeal to the Divine for Justice when you have been wronged. Redress the balance of Justice and Law.
Magical use: Invoke Divine Law.  [SCI-Justice]
Lust & Attraction Incense
Lust & Attraction Incense: Similar to the "Follow Me" incense but this is also a powerful aphrodisiac that can be used to add spice to an existing relationship or to make you more sensual, lustful and sexually attractive. Useful for any sex.
Magical use: Draws lust and increases attraction. A powerful aphrodisiac that draws sensuality.  [SCI-Lust]
Meditation Incense
Meditation Incense: Designed to aid in meditation and other spiritual work and tends to add power or success to any ritual endeavor.
Magical use: Brings calm and centered-ness. Aids in meditation and ritual.  [SCI-Medit]
Muse Incense
Muse Incense: Aids in concentration, creativity, meditation, and communication. Good for artists, therapists/counselors, computer designers, and anyone working with the mind, intellect, or commerce.
Magical use: Creativity and Communication.  [SCI-Muse]
Peace & Balance Incense
Peace & Balance Incense: Burn (or carry in a sachet) whenever you find yourself in a tense situation. Helps you to remain calm and resolve conflicts. Find your center point.
Magical use: To bring about peace and balance, resolve conflicts.  [SCI-Peace]
Second Sight Incense
Second Sight Incense: To help bring the "Sight", visions, and dreams. Increases the ability to see into the other realms, see through illusions & glamour, and boosts psychic ability.
Magical use: Use to increase psychic ability and see through illusion.  [SCI-2Sight]
Soul Mate Incense
Soul Mate Incense: Attracts lovers and should always be worn when searching for a suitable mate. Brings luck in all areas of life and attracts all good things.
Magical use: Drawing love and a soul mate.  [SCI-SoulMate]
Success In All Things Incense
Success In All Things Incense: To aid in the success in all types of material ventures.
Magical use: Success and overcoming obstacles.  [SCI-SuccessAll]
Summon the Spirits Incense
Summon the Spirits Incense: Very powerful summoning recipe that is used to attract good luck and the attention of the spirits. Good to use when trying to contact all manner of spirits from faeries and nature devas to the beloved departed.
Magical use: Spirit calling, Ancestors.  [SCI-Summon]
Temple Kyphi Incense

Temple Incense: Used for any magical or spiritual rite, this recipe is very appropriate as sacred offering to the Gods, Ancestors, and Spirit Allies. This incense starts with a base of Kyphi, and then we add a number of other traditional ingredients such as cardamom seeds, galangal root, lemongrass, orange, rose petals, and much more. Vinnie refers to this blend of incense as "Food for the Gods" because it smells so delicious! After all, if we feed the gods with Mana, incense is the perfect vehicle to make a sacred banquet for Them.

Magical use: Sacred offering to the Gods, Ancestors, and Spirit Allies.

What is Kyphi? Ancient Greeks and Egyptians burned Kyphi incense as part of their daily devotions and offerings to their Gods. Many different recipes for Kyphi have been discovered. Some use as little as nine ingredients where others use over fifty. Most of the recipes seem to average between twelve and sixteen ingredients.

Kyphi produces a beautiful full-bodied, rich multi-layered bouquet with a warm, relaxing, sweet, spicy and sensual aroma. Here we present our own recreation of this ancient Egyptian incense.

Made of only the finest ingredients, out Kyphie includes red wine, honey, raisins, plums, storax bark, saffron, sandalwood, aloeswood, frankincense, mastic, benzoin, cardamom seeds, galangal root, lemongrass, rose petals and more.

Unhexing Incense
Unhexing Incense: Traditional recipe used for removing and/or reversing any negative energies.
Magical use: Unhexing, reversing negative energy.  [SCI-Unhex]
Vitality Incense
Vitality Incense: This incense is used to add or replenish vitality and energy. It draws on herbs and incenses with high vibrational energies and harnesses them to replenish the user.
Magical use: Vitality and energy.  [SCI-Vitality]
Winds Of Change Incense
Winds Of Change Incense: Used to invoke sweeping change to take place in your life - major change - without specifying how it will occur. This powerful formula will clear away the old and sweep it clear so the new can have a place to manifest. USE WITH CAUTION!
Magical use: Powerful sweeping change in all areas of life.  [SCI-WChange]
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