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Ritual Soaps - Saponi

(Ritual Soaps)

Ritual soaps (rituali saponi) for all your magical purposes!

Our all natural soaps are custom made for us and come in a bar of approximately 5 oz. We carefully choose ingredients and colors to be magically correct and then charge and dedicated each one to its specific magical purpose and Goddess or God.

Basic ingredients for all cold processed handmade soap are as follows:
Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil , Organic Shea Butter , Water, Lye*, and Natural Fragrance

Our soap contains: NO Preservatives! NO Animal Products! NO Petroleum Products! NO Parabens! NO Lauryl Sulfate!

Colors may vary in shade/tone as our soaps are handmade and blended.

These generous 5oz bars are large enough that you can easily cut them in half for multiple purposes: use 1/2 for your magical intentions and 1/2 for your daily use.

*Can you make soap without using Lye?

*Can you make soap without using Lye?

*Can you make soap without using Lye? The simple answer is no. Without lye, there is no soap. Soap is the result of the chemical reaction between fatty acids (animal or vegetable oils) and lye. The technical term is “saponification”. Glycerin is a by-product of saponification. Most handmade soap is about 75% soap and 25% glycerin. There is no lye remaining in a properly made soap.

Bath products that act like soap but don’t use lye in the creation process are not soap, they are detergents. Most often, they are made with surfactants to lower the surface tension of water so it is less likely to stick to itself and more likely to interact with oil and grease. Most commercial shower gels/soap that you buy at the store are made with surfactants that dry out your skin. Our soaps don’t do that.

Aphrodite / Venus Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Aphrodite/Venus, the Goddess of Love and Metis.

Color: This 5 oz bar is light purple/pink with swirls..

Scent: A blend of plumeria and sweet exotic florals.

Ritual uses: Love, passion, soul mate, to reignite fire, seduction and enticement, beauty, and attraction.

 [SCS-Aphrodite]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Asclepius / Vejovis Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Asclepius / Vejovis, the Healer.

Color: This 5 oz bar is white in color.

Scent: Soothing and healing peppermint.

Ritual uses: Health and healing, longevity, purification, psychic powers, protection.

 [SCS-Asclepius]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Athena/Minerva Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Athena/Minerva, Goddess of Victory, Wisdom, and Strategy.

Color: This 5 oz bar is reddish-white in color.

Scent: Rosemary and patchouli.

Ritual uses: Wisdom, luck, prosperity, job/employment, growth, abundance & success, wealth, new beginnings, luck, wishes, mental powers, defense, warfare.

 [SCS-Athena]  (Qty in Stock: 4)
Demeter / Ceres Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Demeter/Ceres, the Goddess of Abundance, Fertility, and Harvest.

Color: This 5 oz bar is a golden brown.

Scent: Medium scent of rich oatmeal.

Ritual uses: Fertility, agriculture, nature, prosperity, health, motherly interests, abundance, growth, new ventures.

 [SCS-Demeter]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Diana / Artemis Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Diana/Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon, and Queen of the Faeries.

Color: This 5 oz bar is a white (yellow/white) in color.

Scent: Clean scent of sandalwood and trees and misty moonlight.

Ritual uses: Perfect for all ritual uses such as purifying baths to prepare for magic and ritual. Also used for wishes, healing, exorcism, spirituality, hidden Mysteries, intuition and insight, and to honor the Queen of Faeries.

 [SCS-Diana]  (Qty in Stock: 4)
Dionysus / Bacchus Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Dionysus/Bacchus, God of wine and Ecstatic Experiences.

Color: This 5 oz bar is colored with red and white swirls.

Scent: Apples and vineyard memories.

Ritual uses: Ecstatic experiences, altered states, transformation, the Arts, rebirth, garden magic, wild power.

 [SCS-Dionysus]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Eros / Cupid Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Eros/Cupid, God of Love, Passion and Lust.

Color: This 5 oz bar is white with rose petals.

Scent: Fresh rose petals.

Ritual uses: Love, passion, lust, unrequited love, attraction, luck, happiness.

 [SCS-Eros]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Hades / Pluto Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Hades/Pluto, God of the Dead and King of the Wealth of the Hidden Earth

Color: This 5 oz bar is charcoal colored.

Scent: A blend of aloes and earthly garden fragrances.

Ritual uses: Riches and prosperity, the Afterlife, endings and death, work with the Dead and the Underworld, purification, psychic powers.

 [SCS-Hades]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Hephaestus / Vulcan Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Hephaestus/Vulcan, the Smith of the Gods and embodiment of fire.

Color: This 5 oz bar is yellow/orange in color

Scent: Summer citrus evoking the heat of the sun and earthly fire.

Ritual uses: Elemental powers mastered, volatility, creativity (especially use of hands and mind).

 [SCS-Hephaestus]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Hera / Juno Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Hera/Juno, mother of the Gods and Patron of the Family and domestic life.

Color: This 5 oz bar is a an off-white/purple color.

Scent: Fresh lilac with a hint of wisteria.

Ritual uses: Motherhood, marriage, spiritual alignment, wisdom, blessings, centering, balance, peace, healing, happiness, release, purification, garden magic, immortality.

 [SCS-Hera]  (Qty in Stock: 5)
Heracles / Hercules Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Heracles/Hurcules, demi-God of strength and masculinity.

Color: This 5 oz bar is tan in color.

Scent: A traditional male fragrance reminiscent of bay and rum.

Ritual uses: Petitions for success and greatness through actions and deeds, heroic endeavor, masculinity.

 [SCS-Heracles]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Hermes / Mercury Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Hermes, God of Merchants, messengers, and travelers. He is also a Psychopomp and patron of those who work with their mind.

Color: This 5 oz bar is burnt orange/yellow.

Scent: Orange and cinnamon.

Ritual uses: Communication, commerce, creativity, clear thought, cleverness, dispel glamour, the descending Muse, travel, divination.

 [SCS-Hermes]  (Qty in Stock: 5)
Hestia / Vesta Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Hestia/Vesta, the Goddess of the Hearth and eternal flame.

Color: This 5 oz bar is lavendar in color with lavendar buds.

Scent: Lavendar and ylang-ylang.

Ritual uses: Hearth, home, health, protection, family, domesticity, right order.

 [SCS-Hestia]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Mars / Ares Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Mars/Ares, God of Courage and War.

Color: This 5 oz bar is deep maroon.

Scent: Spicy-sweet fragrance.

Ritual uses: Courage, empowerment, victory, overcoming obstacles, win in court, justice, protection, determined action.

 [SCS-Mars]  (Qty in Stock: 5)
Pan Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Pan, the nature God of unbridled passion and things wild.

Color: This 5 oz bar is white in color.

Scent: Earthly scent with hints of patchouli.

Ritual uses: Unbridled passion, masculinity, hunter and hunted, rustic life, wild nature.

 [SCS-Pan]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Persephone / Proserpina Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Persephone/Proserpina, the Queen of the Dead and Eternal Spring.

Color: This is a 5 oz red striped bar.

Scent: Pomegranate and cherry.

Ritual uses: Evoke eternal spring, beginnings and endings (death and rebirth), the Underworld, comfort to the dead and those left behind, the Mysteries, prosperity and abundance.

 [SCS-Persephone]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Phoebus Apollo Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Phoebus Apollo, variously recognized as a god of light and the sun, truth and prophecy, healing, music, poetry, and more.

Color: This 5 oz bar is a light brown/orange and yellow blend.

Scent: Medium scent of fresh berries and sunlight.

Ritual uses: Energy, skill (athletic and artistic), vibrancy, healing, music, divination, luck, money.

 [SCS-Apollo]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Poseidon / Neptune Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Poseidon/Neptune, the God of the Sea and elemental forces.

Color: This 5 oz bar is blue with a white swirl.

Scent: Fresh scent of ocean waters and breezes.

Ritual uses: Power, deep issues and Mysteries, elemental forces, all things water.

 [SCS-Poseidon]  (Qty in Stock: 6)
Zeus / Jupiter Ritual Soap

Dedicated to Zeus/Jupiter, Father of the Gods and Wisdom.

Color: This 5 oz bar is yellow with green/blue swirls.

Scent: Crisp mountain air and hints of purifying sage.

Ritual uses: Conquering all things, wisdom, judgment, law and the courts, immortality, protection.

 [SCS-Zeus]  (Qty in Stock: 5)
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